and we want to stop living in a hurry!


We are a couple living and working in a motor home

 Nomad Studio is a professional and life project by Eli Garmendia and Carlos Pericás.
Nomad Studio is both a home and a creative studio on wheels.

It took us 9 months to prepar the beginning of a journey, a journey without a definite date of return. With much love and excitement, we worked hard to transform an old RV into our cozy home and workplace. 

In April 2018 we embarked in this huge lifestyle change, which made us leave the city and immerse ourselves in the greenery to improve our life quality and be able to change the tempos of our daily life. We don’t usually like fancy words, but somehow we identify with the trend of “minimalism” and “slow living”, that means that we want to pursue a simpler life, cut down on our belongings. We want to lead a slower pace of life to really enjoy what we do and the things that surround us. We discovered that our home on wheels is just the perfect way to achieve that.

So what at first seemed like great madness has become our crazy way of being in the world.

If you’re wondering how it can be viable, it is easy, we keep working with regular customers while we travel. In addition Nomad Studio is a Cultural Association, a container of photographic and creative projects that we are developing along the way.  In addition Nomad Studio is a Cultural Association, a container of photographic and creative projects that we are developing on the way. In that way we can continue to evolve freely as photographers and creators.

Nomad Studio gives us the opportunity to open the doors of our home and use photography as a meeting tool between people.

This journey is also possible thanks to the support of friends, family, companies and entities that in one way or another they push us forward.

You can also participate in the adventure, join us!

More about us

Eli Garmendia

Tolosa, 1984

Completed her studies in Photography and Digital Creation in CITM-UPC, Terrassa, Barcelona.

She has complemented her education through several workshops, with teachers like Antoine d’Agata and David Jiménez, among others.

Eli uses documentary photography as a tool for autobiographical observation.

She is interested in topics like identity, the human body, nature and music.


Carlos Pericás

Palma de Mallorca, 1983

The work of Carlos Pericás along with protagonists from the world of music and cinema has been published in national media such as El País, Icon, and La Vanguardia, and internationally like Rolling Stone, The New York Times, Downbeat, Vogue UK or Vanity Fair. An extensive work that has resulted in scholarships, prizes, and exhibitions. His portraits have illustrated more than 30 recordings. His signature is next to names like Universal Music, Impulse!, Santa & Cole, McCann or Nespresso.

He was the official photographer of Buena Vista Social Club during their last world tour between 2014 y 2016.


La Bitxa

Germany, 1982



Mercedes-Benz 208 Gasoline

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